BJs Tires Coupons Prices and Working Hours

BJs is rapidly turning out to be an excellent tire destination. Compared to the competition, they offer surprising benefits on tire deals. A side-to-side comparison with closest rivals reveals that BJs edges out most of them. While technically designed for wholesale deals, non-retail tire shoppers can also reap great cost benefits from this wholesale club.

Why Choose BJs Tire Center?

For those who don’t know, BJs has been around in the scene for more than a decade. There are currently over 200 BJ’s wholesale club tire centers in different cities in the United States. Of course, they sell a myriad of items, including top-rated tires. Those who get BJs tires usually sing praises for the company because of the perks offered with BJs tires purchase.

Yes, they promise a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is ensured by offering the following services: tire rotation, wheel alignment, flat tire repair, and pressure check. Oh yeah! These maintenance services are free for life. Even new BJ’s tires installation is done at a nominal cost. Everything is done professionally, and, of course, quickly too. You also get to enjoy a Full Road Hazard Warranty and next-day delivery service.

Another good news is that BJ’s tire centers are nowhere as busy as other wholesale tire centers out there. This means no queue wastage time at any BJ tire shop. Basically, they run their business better than the competition. The best part is that they stock only high-quality tires, which should explain why the selection choices are limited to four brands; Michelin, Uniroyal, BFGoodrich, and Bridgestone.

Regular tire services aside, you can also get automotive accessories from their center at low to reasonable prices. From wipers, car batteries, racks, and more, they house many car-related items in their stores. Basically, they are an ideal one-stop shop for one’s tire needs. Even their technicians are trained nicely to behave well with customers at all times.

Save Money With BJs Tires Coupons

At BJs, you can save a lot of money on your next tire purchase. BJs tires coupons can be easily obtained from their coupons page. All the money-saving offers are published on that page. Of course, the promotional deals are mostly for their members only. So, you will have to get their membership to seize the BJs tire coupons (more on the membership is discussed below)

BJs Tires Prices

BJs tire prices are the best around. But then, you will need a membership card to purchase tires from them. From what we can tell, the membership cost will pay for itself because it’s only $55/year. Once you obtain their membership, you can purchase tires from them either online or offline.

As such, they offer an easy-to-use search tool on their website that displays relevant results based on your inputs. Once you enter the make, model, year of the vehicle, BJs tires price will be displayed on the screen. Like many other wholesale clubs, BJs tires prices are very attractive. In fact, their prices are the lowest around.

Keep in mind that you can also get the tire shipped directly to your closest BJ’s tire center for no extra cost. Since they provide tire installation service for only $15 per tire, you can get the tire installed there without any fuss. Depending on the tire brand you choose, there might also be a free installation offer at the time of order.

What Customers Say About BJs Tires?

The general opinion about BJs tires is very good. Truthfully speaking, the masses enjoy shopping with BJs for their tire needs. When quizzed, most of the past tire shoppers commented that they truly appreciated the add-on perks that the company has to offer for their members.

A large number of online reviews and testimonials also suggest that BJs is truly winning the hearts of tire shoppers. According to many, BJs truly offers a no-frills tire shopping experience.

Location – How to Find BJs Tires Centers Near You

Naturally, most of us will be shopping at the nearest BJs center. If you are not sure of the closest BJs tire location, you can use their ‘online store locator’ to find the nearest center. Frankly speaking, locating their centers is as easy as it can get because you merely have to enter the zip code or address to get the list of centers closest to your place.

What Are Their Working Hours?

BJs hours of operation can vary a bit from one center to another. So, you will have to contact the center closest to you to find respective BJ’s tire center hours. That said, we can give you a general idea about BJs ‘hours near me’. The tentative BJ hours are from 9 am to 8 pm (from Monday to Saturday). On Sundays, the operating hours are from 9 am to 6 pm. As hinted earlier, do call the center you plan to visit to check their working hours.

How to Book an Appointment With Them?

As you might know, it’s always a good idea to fix an appointment prior to your visit to get the help you need in a timely fashion. As expected, these days, you can easily book an appointment online. Once you choose the tire of your choice from your account, you can book an appointment for the desired location.

Just so that you know, you can also book an appointment in person. You can usually expect a next-day appointment at most BJs tire centers. Of course, this depends on how busy they are at the time of your appointment.

Final Thoughts on BJs Tire Center

BJs have nailed their business. Right from value-driven pricing to the supportive staff and everything else in between, they are helpful at every level. Consequently, you won’t struggle with anything. In fact, you will beam with pride for choosing their service for your car tire needs. Frankly speaking, they are totally worth recommending to others on any given day for tire purchase needs.