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Save on next oil change with Jiffy Lube coupons, and learn about the Jiffy Lube company. On this page, we add the latest coupons and discount information for the various Jiffy Lube promotions that are available throughout the year.

Below we will add some of the best promotion from the Jiffy Lube company, as the year progresses. The newest deals will be posted in the comment section, and you can help by posting a coupon link or coupon code yourself, if you come across a working one, that is not included.

Saving With a Jiffy Lube Coupon Codes

Jiffy Lube CouponsAcquiring having a Jiffy Lube discount enables you to save far more than just several cents. Contrary to what a lot of people feel, collecting coupons can be quite helpful and hassle-free. In the event you will appear closely on the rewards of clipping coupons, you are going to comprehend the great benefits it could give you.

It truly is difficult to stay in price range whenever you have plenty of groceries which you should get. You obviously don’t desire to need to spend all of your money on your buying bill. Even though it might not be lots of entertaining, shopping is something that you simply can’t avoid. Even so, with Jiffy Lube coupons you’ll be able to obtain a lot of money saved, especially once you add it along with other coupons that you just desire to use.

You could have to plan your purchasing trips for specific days, but it might be nicely worth the hassle. If the shops you usually visit don’t give this, but other retailers within your region do, it may be a fantastic idea to switch stores. This way it is possible to use your Jiffy Lube coupon and get further savings supplied by the store. Stores that supply double coupons will also accept coupons for nearly any product. Even when you have to go some miles out of one’s way, employing this strategy will end up saving you far more than you expend in gas getting to the shop.

Jiffy Lube Printable Coupons

The first jiffy lube coupon at the top of their list currently is one that is quite general. Any driver can make use of it. It is not a specialized jiffy lube coupon, in other words. The catchy title and slogan of the coupon are, “Drive off and get $5 bucks off”. These Jiffy Lube discount coupons will slash off $5.00 from an oil change. Here you check how much is Jiffy Lube oil change price. Since oil changes are what Jiffy Lube is known for, this is a coupon that is a must-have. Anyone will appreciate this coupon, whether it is a mother, father, or friend. Everyone needs to get their oil changed, and this coupon is a significant saving because of the already-low price. Jiffy Lube promo codes are a must have if you want quality but a cheap oil change. There are other various jiffy lube deals for all other services as well. Each oil change comes standard with 5 quarts encompassing valuable motor oil, filter for your oil, and a whole lot more bundled in, including the following:

  • Exterior window clean
  • Interior floor clean
  • Check the pressure in your tires
  • Transmission fluid check
  • Differential fluid check

Local Competition Means High-Value Jiffy Lube Coupons

If your city is filled with fast lube service centers you can be almost certain the local Jiffy Lube franchise owners will take a little more aggressive action. Watch your local newspaper for their locally promoted Jiffy Lube discount coupons which can often be for $7, $10, or even more off of oil changes and lubrication services.

These higher savings are brought about due to stiff competition. When the other stores start offering higher value coupons the local Jiffy Lube office often have the option to match or beat their services. Some Jiffy Lube stores will even offer to meet or beat competitors coupons. Ask your local Jiffy Lube manager if they have that policy.

Since Jiffy Lube is a subsidiary of Shell Corp., there are hybrid offers from both companies. Citi and Shell are currently rolling out a plan for a modified Shell MasterCard rewards program. The Rewards Program is still in the works though so customers are not getting updated on it yet. But you can be sure that this will include Jiffy Lube promotion.

You can also utilize a Shell Card through any Jiffy Lube. The cute quip about the Shell Card driving you to save is a nice pun that Jiffy Lube uses to describe their credit card. If you combine Jiffy Lube printable coupons with this card, you will be sure to have great savings. Jiffy Lube printable coupons are essential if you need to get an oil change. This single card allows you to relegate your car expenses and put them under a tight lid with these perks:

  • No early fee
  • Can work at all Shell and Jiffy Lube locations
  • Easy management of your account online
  • Access to 250,000 ATM locations nationwide
  • Allows you to keep your bank cards focused on big-ticket purchases instead

Shell credit cards for businesses like the Fleet Plus Credit Card are great little cards for business owners. Having a dedicated credit card for automotive expenses, as well as for business expenses, is pretty specific. It really allows you to pinpoint what it is you want to categorize and itemize for reporting purposes. You can hand them out to employees that have to travel a lot on the road.

Jiffy Lube uses its connection to Shell, its vast network of nationwide locations, and its mastery of preventive maintenance to cut corners where it can for you. Get more news on Jiffy Lube promo codes by visiting the official Jiffy Lube Press Releases site for the most up to date information. There is no speedier way to get cheaper rates than to get involved with the Jiffy Lube e-mail update system, pun intended. There is nothing stopping you, be sure to get your Jiffy Lube coupon codes now before it’s too late!


  1. How much is an oil change at Jiffy Lube?

    • Jiffy Lube oil change typically costs $25-$59, depending on the type of motor oil used in the vehicle, quarts of oil and the location of the service center.

  2. How much is the signature service at Jiffy Lube?

    • You can get the signature service oil change at Jiffy Lube as low as $22 with coupon. Regular price is $44

  3. How much is a Jiffy Lube high mileage oil change?

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